Sainz: My only target is to be a Red Bull driver

Carlos Sainz has made it clear that he is not terribly enthused by the prospect of spending another year as a Toro Rosso driver, but his team bosses have nipped his ambitions by stating that he will drive next year where they tell him to drive.

It took a game of tennis between the young Spaniard and Red Bull F1 boss Christian Horner, umpired by Helmut Marko, for both parties to return to the same page.

Sainz told the F1 website, “I have my opinion and I said it in that very moment. Maybe I could have used a different wording to put it. It is not something that I enjoyed, seeing Helmut Marko and Christian Horner going against me, but it sometimes happens in a Formula 1 career. But it should be over – so turn the page!”


Red Bull can be ruthless when it comes to their drivers. They are credited with turning youngsters into race winners and even World Champions, but have also snuffed out some promising careers.

But Sainz has no fear of repercussions for his stating his views, “From my side there is nothing else than sheer ambition. And sometimes in the heat of ambition you say things. But that is me! I do have targets and objectives.”

“My one and only target to be a Red Bull driver in the future. That is what I want – and that is what I have said a hundred times before.”

“If one answer said in the heat of the moment is spinning out of control – that is just modern times!” added Sainz  has been in the top ten on seven occasions and has scored all but four of Toro Rosso’s 39 points so far this season.

Big Question: Is Carlos as good as he thinks he is?