Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen

Ricciardo: The situation was taken care of in the right

Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen

Harmony prevails in the Red Bull team after their drivers Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo collided at the Hungarian Grand Prix, and in doing so compromised what could have been a podium or two for the blues, if not a victory on a track where their car was the quickest for a big chunk of the race.

The incident was deemed to be Verstappen’s fault, with the race stewards giving him a ten seconds penalty for causing the collision, but for Ricciardo it meant the end of the race seconds after it started.


The Australian called the move “amateur’ and was not a happy chap in the immediate aftermath. However Verstappen’s apology minutes after the race ended went a long way to diffuse the situation.

A day later Ricciardo wrote on his Instagram account, “[Sunday] was hard to take. You build up all day for those couple hours of racing and then it’s gone like that.”

“Max apologized to me after the race and we spoke one-on-one away from media or anyone. The situation was handled and taken care of in the right way to move forward. Lights go out again in four weeks,” added the Australian.

Race day in Hungary promised much for Red Bull, but in the end fifth place was a their reward at a venue where they expected, and indeed were capable of, a lot more.

Team chief Christian Horner told reporters afterwards, “A very frustrating afternoon because we’ve effectively lost Daniel and in the same move given Max a penalty and compromised his race. You never want to see team-mates touch and get the result that happened.”

“Max went in too deep at Turn Two, made a mistake and locked up and if Daniel hadn’t been there I don’t think he would have made the corner. Max should have conceded there. He tried to win it back and just got a bit too deep.”

“He’s stuck his hand up and said: I made a mistake. “We’ll accept it and I’m sure Daniel will accept it. They’ve got a great relationship. Max is man enough to say he made a mistake and apologise.”

“All drivers make mistakes. The important thing is when you do make one you put your hand up, accept it and apologise. He’s done that and I’m sure he’ll go see his team-mate and everybody will move on,” predicted the Red Bull team chief who has experience managing feuding teammates who got on famously before it got ugly, namely Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

Big Question: How long will harmony last in the Red Bull camp?