Ricciardo: It was amateur to say the least

Daniel Ricciardo

While his teammate Max Verstappen powered to fifth place in the Hungarian Grand Prix, his Red Bull teammate was left to watch the race from the sidelines as the Dutch teenager slammed into him in Turn 2 on the opening lap of the race at Hungaroring.

The collision damaged Ricciardo’s car to the point that it had to be retired a couple of hundred meters after the contact point, where it spun and came to a stop leaking fluids onto the track and prompting a safety car period.

Speaking upon his return to the paddock, while the race was on, Ricciardo said, “For sure it’s not on. It was amateur to say the least. It’s not like he was trying to pass – there was no room to pass, Valtteri was in front and I was on the outside so there was no room.

“I don’t think he likes when a team-mate gets in front. You’ve got the whole race to try and repair the mistake but the pass was never on. It wasn’t even a pass, it was a very poor mistake.”

“The team will do their bit and I’ll do my bit. We’ll sort it out. I don’t think it’s trying too hard. There isn’t an excuse for it. He tried the outside at Turn One and all of a sudden what was a good start is a bad start. He sees me go past and thinks: I’ve got to fix this – and then we crash,” added Ricciardo.

Verstappen was quick to apologise after the race and said he would seek out Ricciardo to do so.

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Ricciardo: It was amateur to say the least