Palmer: It felt like something broke


Jolyon Palmer endured yet more disappointment and frustration as twice he bent metal on his Renault during the two free practice sessions on the first day of the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend.

In FP1 Palmer ran on the kerbs and destroyed the front wing on his car, and then in FP2 he crashed heavily going into Turn 14 wrecking both sides of the Renault.

The British driver was clearly not at ease in the car, “Something wasn’t working since the beginning of the session, we don’t know what still. It was looking to do that many times and we couldn’t see what, but it just like rallycross out there.”

“In the end… honestly, it felt like something broke, I think they are looking at it at the moment because it just snapped and I had zero chance to catch it.”

“I think it’s a shame because I was going very well. We still finished 10th in FP1. The balance was good, I was very happy with the car. I think the penalty I had in FP2 comes with a little bit of the damage I had in FP1.

“The car been put together in a different spec and folded back on, and tried to balance it with a bit of an unknown. We don’t really know what was the issue at the moment, but we could clearly see that there’s a problem with the rear. That I’m sure came from the run wide in FP1.”

Perhaps running over the kerbs, which damaged the new floor that Renault had bolted on to Palmer’s car, was the catalyst for the off he had in the afternoon session.

Palmer explained, “It’s when it drops onto the concrete. To be honest… I won’t do it again! It’s a big punishment in the race if you do it. For me I had to retire the car. I think it’s too severe to be honest. You might as well have a wall there.”

“You go wide and then try to come back on again, and then you’re going to destroy the car. I think it’s too severe. For a solution like that, we had the timing loop, and that was a nightmare last year. I think it’s the right direction but I think it’s too severe,” he added with regards to the kerbs.

Palmer is under pressure to raise his game this weekend with team chied Cyril Abiteboul all but demanding a doublt points finish for both Renault drivers in Hungary.

Adding to the pressure is the fact that Robert Kubica will be testing for the team next week.

Although Abiteboul has denied that the Pole will replace Palmer for the Belgian Grand Prix as some reports have suggested, the team boss also initially denied that Kubica would be testing in Hungary… but now he is.