Alonso: It’s all copy and paste!

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso lost his cool with media after the first day of free practice for the Hungarian Grand Prix, accusing them of ‘copy and paste’ journalism when reporting about his future.

When asked for the umpteenth time what his plans were for next year, he replied, “I have nothing to say about my future – I say this every weekend and whatever interview you read about it is something they picked up from a few weeks ago, a replay of something that was published before.”

“If I was a reader, and every week I’d read Alonso will wait until September to decide his future, I’d think that was too much. It makes it look like I grab a microphone every week or any person in the paddock just to say: I’m not saying anything until September! It’s all copy and paste! I’m not going to repeat myself.”

Earlier this season, with McLaren enduring it’s worst season in their history thanks to a woefully uncompetitive and unreliable Honda engine, Alonso made it known that he was seeking a drive with a winning team next year.

He said at the time that the deadline for his decision was September, but with Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes not interested in his services the Spaniard has no chance to secure a drive with a current era winning team.

His realistic options are a move back to Renault or staying put with McLaren and the beleaguered Honda project – all will be revealed in September according to him.

Big Question: What options does Fernando have to continue in F1?