F1 2017 Game new trailer and information

As the launch of F1 2017 gets closer and closer (less than a month to go now!), Codemasters released a gameplay trailer that shows how the game spans the history of the sport and also highlights several new features.

F1 2017 releases onto PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One and Windows PC (DVD and via Steam) worldwide on 25 August.

You’ll notice that in the trailer shows our multi-class classic races, and, if we’re honest, racing cars like the 2006 Renault R26 and the 2008 McLaren MP4-23 at the same time gives us the tingles.

As well as showing the thrilling cars of the 2017 season, and nostalgic cars, the eagle-eyed of you (of which we know there are an awful lot of you!) will notice shots of Monaco at night in the trailer, and we’re very pleased to announce that you’ll be able to race the iconic street circuit in Monaco at night for the first time in the series.

Of course, we couldn’t let this all go by without chatting to Creative Director, Lee Mather: “We know our fans have loved seeing the classic cars being revealed in the recent weeks, but we know they also want to see the new cars in action as well. The 2017 cars present their own unique challenge as they are incredibly fast but wider and heavier than before, therefore we have had to completely rework the physics system to refine the balance between aerodynamics and tyre grip.

Lee continued: “Taking on Monaco is always a test of your skills and now we have added the ability to take to these iconic streets at night in both modern day and classic F1 cars. We think our fans are going to love it.”

In addition to the 20 official circuits from the current season, and Monaco at night, players can also take on four brand new short circuits at Britain, Bahrain, USA and a soon to be announced track.

In the build-up to the Hungarian Grand Prix, Sahara Force India have also released a selection of screenshots of their car in F1 2017 – you can find them below:

F1 2017 not only allows you to drive the latest cars on the grid but also gives you access to 12* iconic classics, though if you need a reminder of what they are, they’re here:

  • 1988 McLaren MP4/4*
  • 1991 McLaren MP4/6
  • 1992 Williams FW14B
  • 1995 Ferrari 412 T2
  • 1996 Williams FW18
  • 1998 McLaren MP4-13
  • 2002 Ferrari F2002
  • 2004 Ferrari F2004
  • 2006 Renault R26
  • 2007 Ferrari F2007
  • 2008 McLaren MP4-23
  • 2010 Red Bull Racing RB6

*If you pre-order or purchase ‘Day One’ copies of F1 2017 will have exclusive access to the iconic 1988 McLaren MP4/4, as part of the ‘F1 2017 Special Edition’, though the McLaren MP4/4 car will be available to be purchased at a later date. The eleven other classic cars are available in all editions of the game.