Slot Mods a big hit in the F1 Paddock Club

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Formula 1 Paddock Club will be treated to slot cars of the highest quality and finest details as the sport’s new owners strike deal with Slot Mods Raceways to provide ready to race sets at each grand prix for VIP guests to use.

These are no ordinary Scalextrix or Carrera sets, but rather high end, exquisitely crafted and produced replicas of cars and tracks.

Sean Bratches, F1 commercial chief said, “Formula 1 sits at the pinnacle of technological innovation and we are focused on creating world-class fan experiences that equal what is on the grid.”

“The addition of David Beattie’s Slot Mods custom slot car track was the center of activity at the Paddock Club at the Canadian Grand Prix and is representative of the next level fan experiences we are beginning to deliver to formula 1 fans.”

Founder David Beattie said, “Slot Mods is dedicated to creating the finest, handcrafted, slot car raceways and dioramas in the world. From vintage to modern day circuits, for any type of vehicle (from racing cars to tractor trailers to snowmobiles and more) the Slot Mods team can make it happen. We’re artisan craftsmen. We create bespoke, hand-crafted, 1:32 scale, fully functional wooden slot track raceways. Our work is enjoyed around the world in private homes, ultimate garages, museums, commercial trade shows and showrooms.”

Tracks vary from around $3000 to $75,000, but bespoke orders can reach a whopping $300,000.

Beattie explained, “We will soon offer three types of slot car raceways: our 100 percent bespoke designed and built Custom Scenic Megatracks (size limited only to your budget, imagination and available space) starting at $75,000; our 6′ x 12′ custom built-to-order Standard Scenic Hillclimb Raceway for $50,000; and our two ready-to-go 6′ x 16′ flat-pack modular raceways, the Club Series, the Woody, and two, ready-to-race tracks: our Origins and Club Series Raceway.”

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