Ecclestone: I shouldn’t go back

Deposed Formula 1 chief Bernie Ecclestone has accepted that his time at the helm of the sport, he helped grow into billion dollar enterprise, is well and truly over and admits that it would be unlikely that he could do as a good a job as those now in charge are going to do.

Speaking in an interview with BT Sport, Ecclestone said, “I’ve been thrown out and someone else is going to do a better job and I’m quite sure if I went back I couldn’t do a good a job as they’re going to do. So I shouldn’t go back.”

Liberty Media bought Formula 1 from the previous investors and put Chase Carey in the role formally held by Ecclestone, adding Ross Brawn as sporting chief and Sean Bratches as commercial boss. The triumvirate now rule over the sport.

Ecclestone expected to remain hands-on for at least three years. But before the ink dried on the final signatures, transferring ownership to Liberty Media, the self styled F1 supremo was ushered out the door with little pomp and ceremony.

Ecclestone recalled, “I wasn’t ready because before they actually signed everything up, they had asked me to stay for three years, so I was a bit shocked when they asked me to stand down. The person that’s currently doing what I used to do said would I stand down because it’s a job he wanted.”

“So I said well you’ve bought the car, you might as well drive it!” added Ecclestone a former second hand car salesman whose near four decade tenure as Formula 1 dictator turned him into a multi-billionaire and one of the richest men in Europe

Big Question: Does Formula 1 still need Bernie?