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Fernando Alonso

Horner: No room for Alonso at Red Bull

Fernando Alonso

With Fernando Alonso repeatedly putting it out there that he is seeking a winning car for next year, Red Bull F1 chief Christian Horner insists his drivers – Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo – have firm contracts and there is no place for the Spaniard within the energy drinks team.

Speaking to journalists in Baku, Horner said of his two drivers, “There is no doubt in my mind or anyone in the team’s mind that they’re not part of the team next year. The only driver who had a clause was Mr Vettel. We’re very happy with the drivers and they just want to go quicker.”

“They are on junior driver contracts whereas Seb was able to renegotiate after his second world championship which had a bit of performance in it which gave him the trigger when Fernando made his move from Ferrari. These drivers don’t have that trigger.”

Alonso is clearly at his wits end with the performance of Honda, hence McLaren, and ahead of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend he again said, “I want to win next year and I don’t want to gamble too much in any decision, I want to be more or less safe in wherever I go for.”

But Horner is adamant that Red Bull cannot accommodate Alonso, “We don’t have space. It’s a shame to see Fernando in the lack of competitive situation he is in but there is no room at the inn within Red Bull.”

This leaves Mercedes and Ferrari as the only teams that realistically can win next year, thus the only avenue for Alonso to fulfill his target, but neither team is likely to have an opening for the Spaniard.

Which leaves Renault…

Big Question: What are Fernando’s realistic options to be with a winning team next year?