Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kvyat

Kvyat: Carlos prefers to talk to me through journalists

Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kvyat

A spat between Toro Rosso duo Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kvyat has erupted in the wake of the Canadian Grand Prix, with the Russian accusing the Spaniard of using the media to to have a dig at him.

Sainz questioned the tactics of his team and accused them of favouring Kvyat in an internal agreement, during qualifying, whereby he was to give a slipstream to the sister car, but he claims that the Toro Rosso pitwall favoured Kvyat unfairly in the process.

Sainz complained to Spanish reporters after qualifying in Montreal, “I was not happy about it because we are not given good chances.”

“When you are not being given good chances, you’re giving away four tenths on the straight, you don’t get to enjoy it much. It was planned for me to go in front.”

“But to go the four sessions in front, the four times you are out in front, for me it’s not fair,” added Sainz with reference to the slipstream arrangement within the team.

Kvyat was aware of the comments and retaliated, “We change the order the cars go out at every race and everyone in the team knows it.”

“From my side everything is clear, so if he is brave, he should come and talk to me. But it seems that he prefers to talk to me through journalists.”

“From my side I have nothing to say to him. I know that I behaved properly. In Baku he should be behind me but now I’m not sure I want to work with him after everything he said. I’m not sure that we want to cooperate in the qualifying,” predicted Kvyat.

Last month Red Bull driver consultant said of Sainz, “I think he would progress or develop better if he left this ‘Madrid protection zone’, further away from the father. He is like a young bird in the nest.”

Neither of the the Toro Rosso drivers finished the race in Montreal, and after seven rounds Sainz has 25 championship points while Kvyat has only four.

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