Max Verstappen

Verstappen: It’s a major bummer

Max Verstappen

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen dropped out of the Canadian Grand Prix with mechanical issues after completing only 10 laps, but not before the Dutch teenager muscled his way into second place and looked fit for a fight to retain.

“Absolutely rubbish, yeah really. Suddenly I lost all power. I wanted to accelerate again and then everything went dark: the dash and I couldn’t even communicate anymore, absolutely nothing”, said a heavily disappointed Verstappen.

“It’s a major bummer, especially when you’re second. The start was super, I didn’t have any wheel spin and I think it was the best start they ever had at Red Bull. I didn’t notice anything of me touching Vettel, but well, things like that can happen. Ultimately you still end up with nothing, so it sucks.”

Verstappen concluded, “You know that the car is not good enough for the second spot, but I could have kept my position, because you see how difficult it is to overtake here. I pulled away from Bottas, so you couldn’t even call that a fight. I could have ended up on the podium.”

Red Bull team chief Christian Horner was visibly upset on the team’s pit wall when Verstappen’s car came to a halt without any power.

He said afterwards, “It was a great shame for us to lose Max on lap 11. He had an unbelievable start which propelled him into second place by turn two, and his race pace was also very good. He came into contact with Sebastian Vettel, but that looks more like a race incident.”

“We have made some great progress this weekend and it is a shame that Max couldn’t finish the race. You saw it, Max suddenly lost all power, Max and the whole team are really sick about this.”

“This track normally reveals all our weaknesses and if you are able to perform like this, the upgrades worked, and you can close the gap a little bit more, then you’re doing an excellent job. We need to keep that momentum for the next race. If Daniel hadn’t scored a podium, Max would have, normally speaking,” added Horner.