The Morning After: Hamilton simply untouchable

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With a 25-point deficit in the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship leading into the weekend, Lewis Hamilton had some work to do and in the end, he made it look easy.

Taking his third win and second Grand Chelem of the season, Hamilton was simply untouchable at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, finishing nearly 20 seconds ahead of teammate Valtteri Bottas. His sixth win in Canada, it’s safe to say he likes it around here.

And while there’s no doubting the early mishap that befell Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel had a part to play in the ease of his victory, Hamilton undoubtedly had the goods.

His fastest lap – a 1:14.551 on 33-lap old supersofts – was two tenths better than the second-best time of Sebastian Vettel, despite the German having done his on 21-lap old ultras, and with five laps less fuel. Talk about showing who’s boss.

Also with Mercedes’ 1-2, the Silver Arrows moved once again to the top of the constructor’s championship, overturning a 17-point deficit to lead Ferrari 222-214. And to think, after the respective dominance of Brawn GP, Red Bull and Mercedes, we’d almost forgotten what a close constructor’s battle looks like.

Did Force India Short-Change Ocon?

It’s not quite Hamilton-Rosberg levels of animosity, but Force India’s decision to swap fourth-placed Sergio Perez for Esteban Ocon may have cost him a chance at a maiden podium.

Sitting behind Perez on 13-lap younger tires, the Frenchman was adamant he had the pace to make an overtake on the P3 Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo, but the call never came for the Mexican to move over, and with Sebastian Vettel closing – and eventually overtaking – both drivers, the moment had passed.

Speaking after the race to sky sports, Force India’s COO Otmar Szafnauer argued Perez had a right to stay ahead given his own proximity to Ricciardo, the difficulty in timing the swap, and the fact that he’d been unable to pass when his tires were similarly as young as Ocon’s, but it’s understandable if the Frenchman felt hard done-by.

No one denied Ocon was faster, and if the two drivers were on equal standing, shouldn’t he be allowed a shot at Ricciardo too? Certainly it’s a tricky one, but at least from a fan’s point of view, you’d like to see a midfield team make that gamble when they had the chance.

Quick Hits

  • Nice to see some variable tyre strategy for once, with the third-choice soft being a popular alternative to the supersoft as the secondary tyre. It certainly adds a little-extra intrigue to the proceedings.
  • Lance Stroll scored his first career points on Sunday, coming in P9. He was also the only Mercedes-powered driver to be lapped. You take what you can get, I guess.
  • Rough blow for Max Verstappen. He certainly doesn’t deserve to be 22 points behind Daniel Ricciardo in the championship.
  • Honda. Alonso… You fill in the rest!