Model that distracted F1 drivers returns to Monaco

Jessiqa Pace, the model that distracted drivers during the 2009 Monaco Grand Prix, is back in Monte Carlo however this time around she won’t be forcing drivers to stare at her beauty when they accelerate out of the Loews hairpin as they did several years ago.

A trackside Martini billboard, which featured Jessiqa, had to be taken down during the race in 2009 after drivers complained that her staring at them was a distraction – dangerous in other words.

But Martini and Jessiqa has returned to the principality this year, but this time around she will not be a distraction for drivers. Instead the billboard that caused all the fuss welcomes Formula 1 fans arriving in Monte-Carlo at the local heliport.

“Bringing Jessiqa back is our way of injecting some fun and glamour into the sport and creating memorable moments for fans,’ explained Martini global brand director Caroline Hipperson.

“We’ve learned a few lessons since 2009 so we hope Jessiqa reminds fans of the pure joy of racing, but from her new, less distracting location,” she added.