Marko: This time it has not worked

Daniel Ricciardo

Red Bull team consultant Helmut Marko blames incorrect correlation between the wind tunnel and design elements of the RB13 which have resulted in energy drinks outfit lagging behind the pace setters in Formula 1 this year.

Speaking to El Confidencial, Marko revealed, “It has been a question of interpretation of the CFD, wind tunnel and between different departments where there was lack of understanding or misinterpretation of the results.”

Red Bull, led by Adrian Newey, have always produced F1 cars with excellent aero capabilities but this year they seem to have been caught flat footed by Ferrari and Mercedes.

The Austrian acknowledged, “Yes, we have always been brilliant [in the aero department], but this time it has not worked, we have definitely not been at our level and we are below our expectations.”

“This, on the one hand. On the other, from the point of view of the power of the hybrid unit, we have not had what we thought we would have,” he added, pointing a finger at their engine supplers Renault.

Asked if the team are surrendering already, five rounds into the championship, he replied, “No, otherwise we would not be making so much effort. We are still positive we can catch Ferrari and Mercedes. We get to different circuits, but this power unit system is very complicated, it is not a normal motor.”

“If the combustion system is better, the electrical part is then better too. In addition, you have the issue of consumption, the delivery of power and its manageability, which means that there are different parts where we have to recover ground.”

“After the first four races Ferrari seemed like the big favorite, but it seems that [in Spain] they are not as competitive and Mercedes has taken a big leap with their engine. You change the engine, and bang, you take a big leap again,” said Marko.

Big Question: Can Red Bull recover to challenge for wins this season?