Alonso: A very productive day

Indianapolis 500Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayIndianapolis , Indianapolis, IN Tuesday May 16, 2017©2017 Walt Kuhn

Fernando Alonso enjoyed a solid second day of practice for the Indianapolis 500 by turning more laps than any of his rivals on the day as his oval crash-course continued, running in traffic and pulling some impressive moves during the course of the day.

the double Formula 1 World Champion completed 117 laps as he worked to become comfortable racing in traffic, driving the number 29 McLaren-Honda-Andretti Honda he ended 24th on the speed chart with a top lap of 221.029 mph.

“It felt OK, it felt as I expected,” Alonso said. “Obviously, here it’s very important to keep close to the car in front of you, to take the benefit from the next straight. It was useful. I’m on the best team for that; we are six cars and we were running together.

“My teammates were amazing helping me. I knew they were taking care of me in some moments of the run, so that was good and, yeah, first time for me, learning every lap here and there.”

“When I follow them, learning what they do, how they attack the next corner or the next lap, how they prepare the overtaking, so it was very useful and a very productive day,” added Alonso.