Mateschitz: Where would Daniel and Max go?

With Red Bull lagging behind Ferrari and Mercedes despite a swathe of Adrian Newey inspired updates the patience of their drivers – Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen – is being tested and invariably the early starting Silly Season has them on it’s radar but big boss Dietrich Mateschitz is adamant their options are limited.

Asked by Salzburger Nachtrichten if there was a chance that Verstappen or Ricciardo would leave the team, the billionaire replied, “Where would they go? There will not be places free at either Mercedes or Ferrari. And in addition both drivers have a contract until 2018.”

With regards to the team’s struggles, relative to the pace setters, Mateschitz said, “We have to catch up and especially the improvements from our partner Renault are delayed. So we have to be patient until we get closer to Mercedes and Ferrari.”

About Liberty Media, the Austrian said, “It is clear that the new owners are very keen to innovate and above all to do something more for the audience. We also have to give them time, but they do the right things so far.”

As for his wish for the future of Formula 1, Mateschitz added, “We would want an independent engine manufacturer so there is no longer this dependence on manufacturers. But this is a long-term wish for the regulations after 2020.”