Kvyat: The car just wasn’t driveable

Daniil Kvyat

Last year this time Daniil Kvyat was arguably at the lowest ebb of his Formula 1 career after being demoted back to the Toro Rosso from Red Bull, to make way for Max Verstappen, and now in qualifying for this edition of Spanish Grand Prix the Russian qualified last.

Kvyat said afterwards, “The car just wasn’t driveable. It was very hard to get my… to get the car around. Something was wrong with it I’m sure – 100 percent.

“Many things have to be changed. The wind didn’t help but that’s the same for everyone… it was just a very hard car to drive. You can’t be that far off on a track you know quite well.”

“I don’t think it will be much better [in the race], but we will try to see what we can learn from today. Maybe it will [improve] because the Friday long pace didn’t seem too bad. We need to try and pick up anything we can.”

Kvyat has started from the pit lane several times during his 61-race career in Formula 1, but this will be the first time he has lined up at the back of the grid.

Carlos Sainz, in the other Toro Rosso, was eight tenths of a second faster than teammate Kvyat and will line up 12th on the grid.