zak brown

Brown: No Mercedes in the back of our car

zak brown

Amid much speculation that McLaren are a switch from Honda to Mercedes, McLaren chief Zak Brown is adamant that this will not happen despite the ongoing engine crisis the team is going through right now.

Brown told F1i, “There will be no Mercedes in the back of our car. Obviously the Formula 1 results right now are frustrating but the culture’s great, the people are great and the things that we’re doing, we’re being brave and taking some big decisions.”


“It’s great working with the executive committee, they’re providing some great leadership for the whole organisation. So we’re happy here.”

“We’re frustrated we’re not winning Formula 1 races – that’s not going to change overnight – but we’re working hard and it’s going to be sweeter when we do win,” predicted Brown.

McLaren are going through the worst spell in their illustrious history,

But these facts hardly dent Brown’s confidence, “We have what it takes to be a World Championship-winning team.”

“And we’ll get back to winning ways and look back on this period and think it made us stronger.”

Indeed McLaren’s demise was well underway before he took over at Woking from Ron Dennis, but this did not deter the American marketing guru.

He told the Evening Standard, “I wanted this job whatever. It takes a lot more to knock me down than a slow start to the season.”

“One of the reasons I joined is that I knew we were in a rebuilding period, I knew it was going to be pain in the short term — and it’s a little bit more pain than we expected.”

“We have everything, what’s holding us back is the power unit and that’s frustrating as we have to lean on our partners and it’s more out of our control. But our car is good and we know Honda’s plans to get us back on course,” added Brown.