Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel

Bottas: It won’t just be about Lewis and Sebastian

Hamilton, Bottas, Vettel

Despite a silly mistake in the Chinese Grand Prix, Mercedes ‘new boy’ Valtteri Bottas is adamant the incident is behind him and he is fully focused in Bahrain, while insisting that this season will not only be about his teammate Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel.

Bottas told Sky Sport ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix weekend, “It is way too early to say there are only two drivers for the championship. It’s a long season, so I wouldn’t say it’s just all going to be about Lewis and Sebastian. The season is long and things can change.”

“Within the team they can definitely see through everything how my performance and how my pace really is. In the end, results are the thing that matters, and I’m very keen to get the proper result as soon as possible because every point I lose now is going to hit by the end of the year.”

“But I don’t feel I’m in a rush with everything. If I keep doing what I’m doing, and that is progress every single day with the team, I feel will be at a very, very good level very soon. So I don’t feel any panic or rush to prove [that].”

“The team knows exactly where I am with my performance and that’s what counts. In general, pace-wise, the race was not bad.”

“Whenever I was running in free air the pace was there. I struggled a bit more with the balance compared to Lewis, with the front-left tyre, and that meant my tyre wear was higher due to more understeer.

“We also found a small mechanical issue from the race which slowed my car down a little bit, so if we count that I think my race was very good. That’s not the problem.

“Qualifying was about details and I think I managed to make a step forward from Melbourne to Shanghai with the overall performance. So aiming to be better this weekend, for sure we can be strong and very close with Lewis,” concluded Bottas.