Audi F1 cars

Formula 1 interesting for Audi but no plans to enter

Audi F1 cars

The annual ‘Audi to Formula 1’ speculation is doing the rounds in the aftermath of the recent FIA hosted meeting to discuss the engine formula for the future with Stefano Domenicali representing the VW-Audi group in Paris.

BNut Audi motorsport chief Dieter Gass is adamant that there are no plans afoot at Ingolstadt to tackle F1.

Gass told Sport Bild, “Formula 1 is basically interesting and still the top class of motorsport, but if you look at motorsport in general, there is currently no racing series except Formula E and DTM where Audi must be represented.”

“Formula E is special, because it is the only racing series that is currently useful in the area of ​​e-mobility. And thanks to the lack of noise and environmental pollution, Formula E can race in metropolitan areas. So [in this way] we’ll get straight to the fans,” added Gass.

Audi terminated their highly successful World Endurance Championship (WEC) programme at the end of last year.