Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton

Webber: Hamilton vs Vettel will be a phenomenal battle

Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton

Although they have been on the Formula 1 grid, together, for the past decade fans have not been treated to a fully blown Sebastian Vettel versus Lewis Hamilton battle, but Mark Webber expects that all to change this season.

After the Australian Grand Prix, where Ferrari and Vettel outwitted and out paced the Mercedes team and Hamilton, Formula 1 is looking forward to a riveting battle between the two.

Hamilton pointed out in Australia, “I’ve not had a lot of battles with Sebastian on track so, of course, would love to have that. I think the fans want to see that.”

Webber believes that Vettel’s victory in Melbourne might be the curtain raiser to a battle between the two, “It is brilliant, good for the sport and for Ferrari. It is real, it wasn’t a lucky win, they totally deserved the victory.”

“They out-foxed Mercedes in every area apart from the start and qualifying but the race was all theirs – pace-wise, strategy-wise.”

“Vettel was absolutely clinical and I think that between those two it is going to be a really phenomenal battle for the championship.”

“I think having two different teams fight it out is always good to watch. I think there is going to be some really good racing this year between those two,” added Webber who won eight grands prix as a Red Bull driver.