Inside Line: Tradition of April Fools’ Day jokes on our site

Of course the Hamilton quits F1 as Alonso joins Mercedes was an April Fools’ Day report and it is in line with a tradition on this site which is a mix of fooling the people and trying to inject humour by using tidbits of real information and stirring them into a pot to create a piece that may fool some readers briefly but also appeal to their sense of humour – the latter a rare commodity these days.

In that spirit here are links to past ‘reports’ that have appeared during 1 April on our site in past years. Inadvertently and ironically some in the end had a a certain ring of truth. Enjoy:

Nelson Piquet crashgate sig=ngapore accident

1 April 2011

Briatore: Put it in the hall!

We get our hands on previously unreleased radio communications between Renault team chief and Flavio Briatore and Nelson Piquet, during the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix last year, has been made public. Which suggests that the Renault team boss (at the time) was not totally guilty for his actions on the night.
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1 April 2012

Karthikeyan replaces Massa at Ferrari with immediate effect

Of course this was a GP247 exclusive confirming that Narain Karthikeyan had been drafted in to the Ferrari team to replace under performing Felipe Massa with immediate effect – a move that was said to have been orchestrated from ‘high up the Prancing Horse hierarchy’.
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1 April 2013

Red Bull punish Vettel by demoting him to Toro Rosso for Chinese GP

The aftermath of the Multi 21 team orders saga continues to rage, and today it has emerged that Red Bull have mandated that their errant world champion Sebastian Vettel will be ‘punished’ for his disobedience in Malaysia and demoted to the Toro Rosso team for the Chinese Grand Prix.
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1 April 2014

Red Bull ditch Renault to use their own F1 V6 turbo engines from June onward

In another ‘exclusive’ Red Bull Racing were to announce to the Formula 1 world that they had  committed to building their very own V6 turbo engine, which would make it’s debut at the 2014 Austrian Grand Prix in June. The directive, to build their own power unit, reportedly came from billionaire owner Dietrich Mateschitz in the wake of his team’s countless problems during testing in Jerez and Bahrain that year.
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1 April 2015

Jos Verstappen and Sainz Senior to do FP1 in China

What started off as an internal joke at Toro Rosso was said going to become reality: Carlos Sainz Senior and Jos Verstappen would take over the cockpits of their respective sons and partaking in FP1 during the 2015 Chinese Grand Prix. The team were to announce ‘Project Papa’ which they were proudly trumpeting as a publicity stunt to add much needed fun factor into F1. 
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1 April 2016

FORMULA 1™ to roll out own social media initiative

In a leaked memo from a FOM™ insider, gained access to a FORMULA ONE™ social media initiative which would have widespread impact on how die-hard F1 FANS™ engage with THE SPORT™ while impacting how F1 TEAMS™ and F1 PUBLISHERS™ supply information to enthusiasts in the future. Of course the initiative was engineered by social media pioneer Bernie Ecclestone…
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1 April 2017

Hamilton quits F1 as Alonso gets Mercedes drive

Of course this year we ran a piece featuring two of the sport’s superstars… Triple Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton having decided to quit Formula 1 and with it free up the sport’s most coveted seat – in the Mercedes team – for Fernando Alonso.
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