Fernando Alonso

Boullier: We are not hiding anything from Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Arguably the biggest story that emerged from the the first Barcelona test was that McLaren-Honda appear to be in deep trouble and the focus is on how their star driver Fernando Alonso is dealing with the prospect of another year struggling at the wrong end of the grid.

Alonso has made no secret of the fact that he needs to feel the ‘wow-factor’ again this season to remain interested, for sure he departed Circuit de Catalunya without that emotion he chases.

How is McLaren dealing with Alonso amid a trouble packed start top the season?

Racing director Eric Boullier explained, “We are not hiding anything. I always said that the track would be the judge. Fernando knows what we’ve been told, so he knew what to expect. Can we get back on track with what we’ve expected? I don’t know. We have to investigate what is wrong.”

Asked by media in Barcelona if he felt that the Spaniard would remain committed to the project, Boullier replied, “I hope so, but I’m not sure. For sure Fernando is still at the top. The way he has prepared for this season is incredible. He is an example and an inspiration for many drivers.”

Alonso has been keeping a low profile and publicly making all the correct sound bites in support of his team and Honda, but he did let slip to The Telegraph, “Disappointed, yes. You have been working for three months on your fitness and in the simulator. Then, in the space of one installation lap, you break down and you lose a day.” 

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