It’s official: Manor is no more

Manor F1 Team

The failed Manor Formula One team was absent from the official 2017 entry list published on Wednesday, snuffing out any lingering hopes of a rescue before the season starts in Australia on March 26.

The list, published by the governing International Automobile Federation (FIA), was reduced to 10 teams.

Manor had been on the provisional entry list published in December but the team went into administration a month later and then ceased trading.

A separate entity, Manor Grand Prix Racing Ltd, held the right to enter the championship and had remained active in the hope of a buyer emerging.

In order to appear on the provisional 2017 list, Manor would have had to pay $521,289 by the end of last November. The entry deadline was Nov. 1.

It was not immediately clear whether Manor owner Stephen Fitzpatrick, who runs the independent British energy supplier Ovo, would have been eligible for a refund if the entry was withdrawn.