Verstappen: Me winning a boring first race would be perfect!

The Netherlands – a country renowned for its tolerance, pragmatism and errr… its passion for the walk on the wild side that is the caravanning holiday.

It’s not too much of a surprise when Max Verstappen gives a monumentally straightforward answer to a speculative question: “How will the first race be? Hopefully we have a good start and then lead the whole race. Hopefully we have a really boring race. That would be perfect!”

Before we get to the prospect of a new-look F1 delivering Max a processional victory (fingers crossed!), there’s the small matter of RB13’s launch and a couple of weeks of testing to get through.

Is Max prepared? Almost.

“The first couple of test weeks you will feel a bit sore. You can train as much as you want, you can get a lot stronger but always the first time you jump in the car you get a stiff neck. You just have to deal with it and hopefully for the rest of the season it will be good enough.”

More good common sense from the Dutchman there, and to hear more where that came from, take a look at the video above with F1’s fastest rising (and most pragmatic) star.