Hasegawa: Big changes to the concept of our power unit

Yusuke Hasegewa

Honda’s Head of F1 Project & Executive Chief Engineer Yusuke Hasegawa confirms that his team have revamped the power unit which they and hope will trun around the fortunes of the second most successful team in Formula 1 history.

On the occasion of the team’s launch of the McLaren MCL32, Hasegawa said, “Based on our two years of acquired experience and constant progress, Honda has made big changes to the concept and layout of our 2017 power unit, the RA617H.

“The main areas of change that we focused on has been to decrease the weight and lower the centre of gravity, so as to improve the balance of the car, while generating more output from the ICE [internal combustion engine].

“Also, owing to the new 2017 regulations fundamentally affecting the design of our new car, Honda has made a lot of changes to accommodate the updated chassis. The team has therefore continued their hard work throughout the winter to find an ideal balance.

“The pre-season test in Barcelona will be very important for us, so as to learn the functionality of the car as a whole.

“Our relationship with McLaren will continue to strengthen as we further progress technically and operationally this year, to achieve our ultimate goal.”