Arrivabene: A big emotion to see live a new Ferrari

The launch of the Ferrari SF70H was an emotional moment for Ferrari F1 team chief Maurizio Arrivabene, who hailed the effort by staff at Maranello to deliver the team’s 63rd single seater.

“It is always a big emotion to see live a new Ferrari, either a GT car or a Formula 1 car its the same emotion. Of course for me it is something special as I’m more involved with Formula 1.”


“Having said so, Looking at the car I think about the effort, the dedication, the professionalism, the passion of all the people in Ferrari that put together to build up this car.”

“The car is the result of a team effort and I’m very, very proud of this. The next two weeks we are going to be in Barcelona where we will follow our programme. And then in Melbourne we will see where we are,” added the Italian team chief.

The SF70H was put through it’s paces at Fiorano with Kimi Raikkonen at the wheel first, followed by Sebastian Vettel as the team got through their filming day in cold and windy conditions.

Mattia Binotto, Scuderia Ferrari Chief Technical Officer, said on the day, “Clearly a new season is a new challenge, especially with new regulations even more of a challenge and the challenge in F1 is always the same.

“It is not being good but being the first and being the first to develop faster than everyone else. The challenge is to speed up the development.”

The SF70H will run in anger for the first time when the Formula 1 pre-season testing kicks off at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, on Monday.