Marko: DRS is not real overtaking get rid of it

Red Bull, DRS

Red Bull consultant Helmut Marko has come out in support of Ross Brawn’s desire to get rid of gimmicks – such as DRS – and make Formula 1 purer.

In January, Brawn told BBC, “We need to make sure there is no artificial solutions. The drag reduction system; everyone knows it’s artificial. We need to find purer solutions.

“We need to think through the solutions. I have ideas – I can’t share them all with you because I want to share them with the teams first,” added the sport’s newly appointed technical chief.

Marko backs the plan to rid F1 of DRS and told Auto Motor und Sport, “With DRS in a two-man battle the driver in front is helpless. He can do nothing, it is not real overtaking.”

“Extreme braking is one of the most crucial talents of top drivers. When you look back through the history of Formula 1 like Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna, proper overtaking was invariably the moment that defined the race and the result,” added Marko.