Clarkson: Tell the rich old men who run F1 that it’s for the fans


The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson has given some advice to the Formula 1’s new owners, while acknowledging that it is a good thing that the Bernie Ecclestone era is finally over.

In a video on his Drivetribe website, Clarkson said, “Formula One, the rich old men who run it, just need to be told that it’s for the fans. The only thing that will get the fans watching and therefore the sponsorship money rolling in again is excitement.”

“I think the Americans understand that so I’m hoping and praying that they bring it back, because Chase [Carey] is American, there’s no question that the Americans have a sense of theatre about them. Think whatever you do of NASCAR, they can fill 250,000-seater stadiums, which no other sport on Earth can do.”

As for deposed ex-F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone, Clarkson said, “I had some time for Bernie in the end actually, but it’s probably a good thing that he’s gone and that’s it’s now going to be run as a show and not as just some tool for making already very rich men a little bit richer.”