Whitmarsh: New era but it’s been a long time coming


Former McLaren chief Martin Whitmarsh has hailed the new Liberty Media era in Formula 1, saying that change was needed but laments the long time it took to finally arrive.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Whitmarsh said, “It’s a new era but it’s been a long time coming. There comes a time in any enterprising sport where it’s time for fresh ideas and fresh views and I think Formula 1 has probably come to that point.”

“I’m a Formula 1 fan still and I loved it, I was in it for 25 years but it’s nice watching it from afar and I intend to continue to do that. But it’s going to grow, live sporting content is so valuable.”

Whitmarsh said of Bernie Ecclestone’s demise, “You’ve got to give Bernie lots of credit because he was really the driving force in the early days of Formula 1. He’s got that twinkle of charm about him. I was one of his biggest enemies on lots of occasions but you can’t help but like the guy.”

“You’ve got to give him lots of credit for what Formula 1 is today,” acknowledged Whitmarsh who was axed from his positions as CEO of McLaren Group, CEO of McLaren Racing and team principal of McLaren in 2014. He currently heads the America’s Cup team Land Rover BAR project.