McLaren give another hint of their return to orange

orange mclaren 2017

Since we ran the speculative piece about McLaren possibly reverting to their original orange colour scheme here>>> many have followed up on the story, while the Woking outfit continue to tease fans on social media.

Most recently they posted the graphic below on Facebook:

The post clearly suggests that orange will be part of the 2017 livery in some form or other.

An obvious McLaren fan Tim Holmes, of Tim Holmes Designs, went as far as penning a striking rendition (pictured above) of what the new McLaren will look like should orange make a return to the team’s livery.

McLaren were painted orange for the Can-Am series after team manager Teddy Mayer was impressed by a rival’s orange car, which he witnessed racing in 1967.

For the 1968 season the team’s Can-Am and Formula 1 cars were spray painted bright orange which became their signature livery and made the team visually unique, in the manner that Ferrari used red to distinguish their race cars.

The orange livery remained on works McLaren F1 cars until 1971 when perfume and toiletries company Yardley became the title sponsors upon which the cars were painted white.

The return to orange prospect has fired up enthusiastic debate among McLaren fans who appear to favour the idea of the team adopting their ancestral colours for 2017.

All will be revealed when McLaren drivers Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne unveil the team’s 2017 challenger during an event at the McLaren Technology Center on 24 February.

This is what McLaren fans are saying:

  • Jose Luis Cruz: McLaren, if you tease the s#!% out of us with ORANGE and then show us another droopy design we will MARCH! Lets make Orange Great A….oh, er, sorry. I got carried away with our side of craziness going on nowadays… XD
  • Stéphane Lecomte: Orange is the new black. Please. 🙂
  • John East: I find it refreshing that the team will adopt the historic colour. I found the recent dark grey to be a depressing colour. Plus the team T-shirts were horrible. What was those stripes about! Orange is eye catching, and McLaren as a brand NEEDS to be seen again now! GO MCLAREN!!!
  • Eric Swanson: Somewhere, Ron is annoyed. Good call on the orange, though. As a fan who has been wanting this forever, it’s nice to know we our voices have finally been heard.
  • Reino Grundling: Will we finally see an orange McLaren? Anything would be better than the horrible colour scheme they have had the last few years…
  • Greig Cardwell: Lets not all get together excited. Just remember the hints they kept dropping a few years ago about returning to the red and white colour scheme…