Carey: Ross has really got respect across this business

Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn is one of the most respected men in Formula 1, having enjoyed massive success in team management and ownership, thus it was a no-brainer for Liberty Media to latch on to him as they plotted their purchase and takeover of the sport.

Newly appointed Chairman and CEO of F1, Chase Carey revealed,  “Ross has really got respect across this business. I have yet to meet somebody that hasn’t brought him up as somebody that would be invaluable as an addition to Formula 1, even when they didn’t know this was happening.”

“I had an endless list of people that would put Ross Brawn at the top as somebody that they think would be a wonderful addition to the Formula 1 organisation.”

“In his 40 years in the sport, he’s brought his magic touch to every team with which he has worked, has almost unparalleled technical knowledge, experience and relationships, and I have already benefited greatly from his advice and expertise,” added Carey.

Brawn is part of the new Liberty Media appointed F1 management triumvirate headed by Carey, in which he has been handed the role of managing director of motorsports, alongside former ESPN guru Sean Bratches in the role of managing director of commercial operations.

The trio replace Bernie Ecclestone at the helm of the sport, bringing an end to the 86 year old’s 40 year one-man-show reign over the sport.

Brawn departed Formula 1 at the end of 2013, taking a sabbatical until recently when Liberty Media started to show an interest in the sport.

During the past four years he has been linked with a return to Ferrari and becoming boss of McLaren, but he made it clear that a position with a team would not tempt him back. But the role that Brawn has now clearly tickled his fancy.

In November last year Brawn made no secret of the fact that he was “doing a little consulting to help Liberty Media” and said of taking up a position within F1 management, “I would be interested in such a role but there are so many things that need to be resolved first.”

As for Ecclestone, Brawn predicted at the time, “The one thing that Bernie is not is immortal, none of us are, and at some point he has to put his pen down.”