Carey: Bernie has run the business as a one-man show


Formula 1’s new chairman and CEO Chase Carey has acknowledged the big role that Bernie Ecclestone has had in the history of Formula 1, but he doubts the 86 year old will fit into the new Liberty Media era where the management line-up will include Ross Brawn and Sean Bratches.

Carey told Sky Sport, “Bernie has run this business the majority of his adult life. When he’s run it for the period he’s run it I certainly understand that the change is going to be difficult for him and create challenges for him.”

Ecclestone has been offered a the honourary role of Chairman Emeritus of F1, but it is unlikely he will accept it having told Auto Motor und Sport, “I was deposed. I’ve gone. That’s official. I am not running the company anymore. My position has been taken over by Chase Carey.”

Carey said of Ecclestone’s future, “Hopefully we’ll find a way that it continues to be rewarding for him. I want him to feel good about it. He will always be part of the Formula 1 family, he will always be welcome, and I want to try and make this something he can continue to feel part of. But it’s a big change for him and I understand that.”

Carey will head the triumvirate that will run the sport going forward, with Brawn in charge of the sporting side and Bratches the commercial chief, “Bernie has run it relatively alone. There is a team there, certainly give them credit for what they’ve done to help.”

At the same time the new F1 chief is sincere in applauding Ecclestone’s role in making Formula 1 what it is today, “Bernie deserves enormous credit for the business that has been built over the last number of decades and realistically it just got sold for $8-billion, so the ultimate proof in the value he created is there for all to see.”

“But he has unique insights in the business, he understands it probably better than anyone else, his advice will be invaluable. He has been helpful to me to date and I look forward to his advice as we go forward,” added Carey.