Brawn: We need solutions for the small teams


The transition of Formula 1 power from Bernie Ecclestone to Liberty Media has been ruthlessly swift as within a few hours of the announcement that Chase Carey, Ross Brawn and Sean Bratches now rule the sport, their focus was already being outlined to media.

One of the first issues that Brawn addressed in an interview with Sky sports was the plight of smaller teams, “We need to find solutions where the small teams can stand on their own two feet and put up a good challenge to the hierarchy of Formula 1 and stand on their own two feet commercially.”

“At the moment it is a big challenge for them, it is too big a challenge, and we need to find ways in future of having a healthy Formula 1 from top to bottom.”

“Perhaps finding ways of making sure those small teams become an attractive and valuable element of Formula 1, not only on the track but as businesses.”

Also clear is that the dictatorial, divide-and-rule style of Ecclestone’s leadership is a thing of the past while the heritage of the sport will be respected.

Brawn explained, “We are forming a collective group in Formula One Management and the heritage of Formula 1 is vital. The longer-term view that Liberty will take will assist in that because Liberty recognises the value of the heritage of Formula 1 – the Monzas, the Monacos, the Spas, the Silverstones.”

“That’s why F1 is so attractive to the fans and circuits that want a race. If you lose that heritage, you lose that core of Formula 1.”

“So that has to be preserved and we have to find ways of not making the races cheaper but making the races better value for the promoter that they get more out of a race than has been possible in the past,” added Brawn who has been appointed by Liberty Merida to the role of managing director of motorsport.

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