Gene Haas F1

Haas: Getting the extra four or five tenths is what we’re missing

Gene Haas F1

Team owner Gene Haas has come to realise how difficult Formula 1 really is after his Haas F1 team enjoyed an impressive debut season, in which he has been fast to learn that extracting the maximum from his team’s package is the hard part.

Haas told ESPN, “I think what we have is as good as anyone’s car out there, but making that car get the maximum performance, get the extra four or five tenths a lap, is what we’re missing. That takes a lot of effort to get those extra tenths.”

“I think the infrastructure we have at the moment is adequate. The key thing is to add more personnel whose expertise are in the areas I talked about and getting them… We have to spend more time getting the car to perform.”

Haas admits he is still seeking the ideal solution for his USA based team to tackle Formula 1 effectively, “A lot of people thought Ferrari was basically going to give us a car and we were going to out and race the car. But that wasn’t the case.”

“I think it’s very apparent there’s a lot more going on with these cars than just the parts themselves; Mercedes has given engines to various teams and they don’t do as good as Mercedes, so there’s a lot of complexity to not only building the cars but also building them.”

“So we’re struggling. There’s so many parameters in terms of tyre pressures and air temp pressures and brake cooling to make these cars work, every team has to conquer that and that’s where we’re still having some learning curves … to learn exactly how to get the car, the engine, the tyres and the brakes to work together,” added Haas.