Strategy Group set to meet to discuss simplifying rules


In the week after the Brazilian Grand Prix the Formula 1 Strategy Group will meet to thrash out ways to make rules less complicated so that teams and fans can come to terms with what is going on in the wake of the contentious Mexican Grand Prix weekend.

Bernie Ecclestone told Auto Motor und Sport, “Our rules are too complicated. We will be commissioning the FIA at the next Strategy Group meeting to make all rules easier. So that everyone can understand. I do not understand them anymore.”

Niki Lauda has bee vocal about the situation and questioned what he calls the madness, “What is an overtaking rule?”

“This must be the driver’s choice. In my time, all the drivers kept to unwritten laws because we knew we were going to get hurt in an accident.”

“We can demand from today’s drivers that they are smart enough not to risk an accident. If too much is regulated then drivers do not trust anything anymore,” added the Mercedes F1 team chairman.

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