Lamborghini dream of F1 but no project yet

Stefano Domeniclai Lamborghini

Lamborghini chief executive Stefano Domenicali admits that Formula 1 is a dream for the iconic exotic car manufacturer, but also stresses that the time is not right for such a project.

Domenicali, a former Ferrari team principal, told Sky Sport 24, “Formula 1 is a dream that exists for Lamborghini, but it must be clear that we have to keep our feet grounded as we have other pressing priorities.”

“Motor sport is part of the DNA of Lamborghini, which is music to my ears,” added the Italian.

Lamborghini is part of the Volkswagen Group who have highly successful and effective motorsport programmes, but their priorities are not of a sporting nature at this stage of the brand’s road-map which currently involves the launch of the SUV style Urus.

“First is to consolidate in our market sector,” explained Domenicali. “This is growing and we are excelling here. Secondly, a game changer for Lamborghini, is the launch of Urus. And as a result of this the welcoming of new clients that will become part of the Lamborghini family.”