Zak Brown: I don’t think anyone is going to be the new Bernie

Ecclestone Brown

In the wake of Liberty Media’s high profile takeover of Formula 1, Zak Brown is emerging as one of the top candidates to replace Bernie Ecclestone at the helm of the sport and he is not denying his ambitions to become more involved.

Shortly after it was announced that he was stepping down as group CEO of CSM Sport & Entertainment, Brown told Sky Sport, “I would love to be involved in Formula One, as I have been for 15, 20 years, and I think I’ve got a lot to contribute.”

“There’s a lot of different ways to be involved in Formula One so I think everyone’s getting a little ahead of themselves about what role I’m going to play.”

Despite mounting speculation that Ecclestone is on his way out, Brown insisted that he would not be replacing the 85 year old, “I don’t think anyone is going to be the new Bernie. I think you’re going to see grow and become some sort of management team over time.”


“The sport is too big for anyone individual, it’s a big multi-billion dollar business. I’d love to participate as I have done for the last couple of decades in the sport and I’m very open to what that might look like.”

“Liberty at this point is a minority investor so it will take time for everyone to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Bernie has a certain way he does things and my company wouldn’t be as successful as it is today if it wasn’t for Bernie.”

“I think everyone in the F1 pitlane can make that statement. He’s built such a big sport but he’s recognised he needs some support and some help.”

“If you look at these other major sports, the Premier League, the Olympics, etc, they’ve got pretty big teams in marketing that focus on the fans, so I think they’ll be more of that,” added Brown who is credit with Johnnie Walker, Martini and UBS into modern era Formula 1.