Alonso: With the halo it’s difficult to get in and out of the car


Fernando Alonso was cautiously optimistic after testing the halo device during free practice for the Singapore Grand Prix, but believes more work needs to be done on the F1 cockpit safety system before it becomes de rigueur.

Speaking to media at Marina Bay after testing the device on his McLaren, Alonso said, “The first impression with the halo was that it’s quite difficult to get in and out of the car. In terms of visibility it’s obvious it reduces it but I’m sure you get used to it quickly.”

But also pointed out, “When the nosecones were raised visibility became a lot worse but two or three years later we were all pretty used to it.

“Once the Halo is imposed there will be an initial impact but we’ll all get used to it quickly,” predicted the double world champion. ”

There’s work to be done in terms of design and accessibility has to improve, even for the mechanics to be able to tighten our seat belts,” he added.