Red Bull get credit for good looking 2017 cars


According to Williams technical boss Pat Symonds, Red Bull can be credited for making the 2017 generation F1 cars look fast wile standing still.

Symonds told media, “I do think the [2017] cars look nice. When we first started talking about the 2017 cars, I was worried because there was this real drive for a retro look, which wouldn’t have done anything.”

“I really pat Red Bull on the back for doing a great job in styling the car. What they did was take away what the Strategy Group had asked for and they really styled it.”

“They started with this premise that we want the car to look like it’s going fast even when it’s stationary and I thought yeah, that’s a really nice way of expressing it.”

“They’ve come up with something that looks great. When you see the physical model in the windtunnel – and windtunnel cars never look particularly attractive – I think they are good-looking cars,” added Symonds.