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Ferrari puzzled by performance that vanished


Ahead of Spanish Grand Prix qualifying Ferrari fancied their chances of taking the fight to Mercedes, but at the end of the session they were not only trounced by the world champions but also humbled by both Red Bull drivers meaning that the Redss will start the race from row three..

After the session on Saturday afternoon, Vettel tried to explain what happened, “I don’t think it was a general lack of speed. In all sessions so far we have been quite competitive. It was as much of a surprise for us as it was for you.

“It’s something we don’t yet understand. I’m sure there’s a reason for it. Something changed, the conditions, something made us fall out of the window compared to the other cars.”

“We lost quite a lot of competitiveness in comparison,” added Vettel who will start from sixth on the grid behind teammate Kimi Raikkonen ho qualified fifth.

With reference to Red Bull, Vettel admitted “Today, they are [quicker], but i don’t think they are in general.”

Pressure on the team is mounting, with Italian meeting stirring the pot by speculating that team principal Murizio Arrivabene is in the firing line and his days may be numbered at Maranello, which led to both drivers coming out in support of their team boss.

Vettel acknowledged, “I’m responsible for the changes as equally as the team and we were confident we were applying the right things. But I think we need to calm down.”

Arrivabene added, “Something went wrong for both drivers. We need to check now what happened. You see the timings of this morning, it’s not comparable.”