2016 Formula 1 driver salaries

Fi drivers 2016 money

In the wake of Lewis Hamilton grabbing headlines for being the richest sports person in Britain – for his fortune which is estimated to be around $150 million – we reveal the top earners in Formula 1.

On paper quadruple world champion Sebastian Vettel is the highest paid Formula 1 driver in 2016 with a record three year deal with Ferrari worth $150 million, excluding bonuses, which also makes him one of the highest paid sportsman in the world.

Next up is Fernando Alonso who signed record three year deal (2015-2017) with McLaren-Honda and has an annual salary of $40 million per year.

Hamilton has a three year deal with Mercedes worth $31 million a-year guaranteed salary, plus up to $10 million per annum in bonuses making him the third highest paid driver in the sport.

Jenson Button signed a one year extension with McLaren-Honda to remain with the team in 2016. The 2009 world champion is banking around $12 million a year, which is a pay cut compared to 2013 when he was earning $17 million a year.

Runaway championship leader Nico Rosberg, banks $15.5 million per year, which is almost a third less than his Mercedes teammate Hamilton.

Formula 1 2016 drivers contract details:

DriverTeamAnnual SalaryContract
Sebastian VettelFerrari$50 million plus bonuses3 years (2015-17)
Fernando AlonsoMcLaren$40 million including bonuses2 years (2015-17)
Lewis HamiltonMercedes$31 million plus bonuses3 years (2015-18
Kimi RaikkonenFerrari$16 million including bonuses1 year (2016)
Nico RosbergMercedes$15.5 million3 years (2014-17)
Jenson ButtonMcLaren$13 million1 year (2016)
Daniel RicciardoRed Bull$6.5 million a year1 year left (2016)
Nico HulkenbergForce India$5 million a year2 years (2016-17)
Romain GrosjeanHaas$4.5 million plus bonuses1 year (2016)
Felipe MassaWilliams$4.5 million a year1 year (2016)
Valtteri BottasWilliams$3.5 million a year1 year (2016)
Esteban GutiérrezHaas$2 million1 year (2016)
Sergio PerezForce India$2 millionMulti-year contract
Kevin MagnussenRenault$900,0001 year (2016)
Jolyon PalmerRenault$900,0001 year (2016)
Daniil KvyatRed Bull$850,000Unspecified
Carlos Sainz, JrToro Rosso$650,000Multi-year contract
Max VerstappenToro Rosso$650,000Multi-year contract
Felipe NasrSauber$450,0001 year (2016)
Marcus EricssonSauber$450,0001 year (2016)
Pascal WehrleinManorUnknown1 year (2016)
Rio HaryantoManorUnknown1 year (2016)