Vettel scolds smiling Kvyat after Shanghai incident

Vettel Kvyat

After finishing second in the Chinese Grand Prix Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel had choice words with third placed Daniil Kvyat, accusing the Red Bull driver of charging into Turn 1 like a torpedo and causing an accident.

But Russian was unfazed as he smiled throughout the bollocking by the quadruple world champion, who was on a rant as the incident resulted in him crashing into the Ferrari teammate Kimi Raikkonen who came out the worse of the trio.

Immediately after the clash Vettel was on the radio saying, “I had the Red Bull coming up on the inside like a madman. I hit Kimi.”

“It was a suicidal move,” he added a few laps later.

It was not over…  as here is the transcript of the conversation between the two drivers after the race, shortly before the podium ceremony in Shanghai:

Kvyat: What happened at the start? (Friendly)

Vettel: You asking what happened at the start! What happened is you crashed into us and all three of us go out. (Angry)

Kvyat: Well… (Bemused)

Veetl: No well. You came like a torpedo. (Angrier)

Kvyat: I was racing. (Laughing)

Vettel: If I keep going the same line we crash. There was a cra on the left also.

Kvyat: Then don’t keep going! I didn’t see all the three cars go off. I only see two guys.

Vettel: You need to expect if you attack like that, you damage the car. You were lucky that time.

Kvyat: I am on the podium, and you are on the podium so its okay. (Smiling)


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