Vettel says Ferrari fans will notice differences on new car

Ferrari launch

Sebastian Vettel admits a that seasoned eye will quickly recognise the changes made to Ferrari’s Formula 1 car for 2016.

After Mercedes easily won the first two championships of the new ‘power unit’ era, Ferrari has targeted beating the German giant to this year’s crowns.

“The title has to be our aim,” Vettel told Auto Bild Motorsport. “Nevertheless, we must not forget that there was still a team ahead of us last year.”

But he also revealed that Ferrari has made some key changes for 2016, amid speculation the nose is shorter, the rear-end slimmer, and the novel pull-rod front suspension scrapped.

“Basically, a few things will change and they will be identified fairly easily,” said Vettel.

He said he was involved throughout the process of plotting Ferrari’s next development steps, “For almost the entire time last year I was involved in the development of the (2016) car. I think we are on the right track.”