Alonso: We need to find three seconds on the straights

Fernando Alonso in the garage.

McLaren driver Fernando Alonso has pinpointed straight line speed (rather the lack thereof) as the big problem facing his team, amid mounting pressure on Honda who have simply failed to deliver a competitive power unit, a fact that is exacerbated by their showing at the high-speed Monza circuit

Alonso told reporters, “On a circuit that has six corners, on the GPS, we lose two or three tenths in those corners. The rest of the three seconds, we need to find on the straights.”

Despite way below par performances, Alonso remains committed, “Every day we do so many interviews and so many of them are so negative because we are out of Q1 and we are so slow.”

“This is a work in progress. We don’t take every weekend as an opportunity or a look in the times and the position. We know we are last. It is frustrating for everyone in the team but it is a period we have to go through together.

“We are moving in the right direction. We’ll see how long we need to be competitive and how long I will stay in F1,” added the Spaniard.

Fernando Alonso on track.

Racing at Monza for the first time since his split from Ferrari, Alonso observed, “This is always a special weekend. The fans have been very friendly and welcoming. It always feels good to race in front of the tifosi.”

When asked by BBC how he felt about his former team who appear to have raised their game this season and are doing well since his departure, the double F1 world champion retorted, “Well, doing well is relative – compared to who?

“Compared to us they [Ferrari] are doing really well, but compared to what we did in the five years we were together they are not doing anything better.”

“We were leading the championship a couple of years here in Monza. Now they are third, 100 points behind the Mercedes. Congratulations to them but they should not be happy being 100 points behind Mercedes,” recalled Alonso.

“We know we’re not in the best position – we’re not competitive right now – so we need to keep working in every area to improve the car,” concluded Alonso.