Has Rosberg already surrendered?

Nico Rosberg Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton appears to be cruising to the 2015 Formula 1 World Championship title, according to some of the sport’s insiders.

After finishing second to his Mercedes teammate in Belgium, Nico Rosberg said on the podium: “Lewis did a great job so he deserved to win. I tried to give it everything but not enough.”

Eddie Jordan, a former team owner and boss and now pundit for British television, told Germany’s Sport Bild that he heard Rosberg’s comments as a sign of clear defeat.

“It was a declaration of surrender by Rosberg,” Jordan said. “For me, the duel between them is over now. Nico can no longer beat Lewis to this championship.”

Jacques Villeneuve, the 1997 world champion who has also become a television pundit, agreed that Hamilton seems destined now to add a third title to his tally.

Nico Rosberg Mercedes

“Anyone who has watched Nico on the last two race weekends can see that he has given up. He is definitely the number two at Mercedes now. Even at his maximum he is simply not a match for Lewis,” Villeneuve added.

Despite high profile partying during his summer break, Hamilton seems to have upped his game even further and Rosberg apparently has no answer.

Even from within the Mercedes team the message seems clear, as Niki Lauda declared after the weekend at Spa, “At the moment it doesn’t look like it is possible to beat Hamilton because it was an incredible performance in practice, outstanding performance in the race and at the moment, Lewis is unbeatable.”

“[Spa] proved it again if Lewis does not do a mistake in the next couple of races it will be hard for Nico. These things happen in racing lives; some guy is going forward and the other is still struggling – we have this situation.”

“Nico will still try to fight him and it could be that at the next couple of races Lewis will make a small mistake with the set-up of the car and Nico will be there again,” predicted Lauda.


Nico lost the high ground at Mercedes in the aftermath of his grovelling apology after the clash with Lewis at Spa in 2014. He did what no true champion does: he apologised.

Ayrton, Seb, Fernando, Alain, Nigel, Nelson,Schumi, Niki,James and the like would never apologise no matter what.

Since that episode Nico has been on the back foot, caring too much about public sentiment and constantly nurturing his good guy image.

Lewis does not care what people say or write about him. He does as he pleases and knows how good he is. He would never have apologised after the 2014 Spa incident and if anything that episode made him stronger.

This year with a second title in the bag, massive bucks in the bank and living life his way there is simply no stopping him.

Relative to his teammate the world champion has upped his game substantially this season, infused his driving with confidence and ruthlessness which is at the moment unmatched. Seated at the wheel of the awesome W06 Lewis is simply in another league.

As much as it is in our best interests to big up Nico’s title chances, truth is it will take a massive effort to depose Lewis off his perch at this point in time. It will take force majeure to stop Lewis claiming his third title in the not too distant future.