Haas says Gutierrez is possible candidate for new team


Gene Haas has hinted that the first candidate for the all new American F1 team in 2016 could be Esteban Gutierrez.

Haas was speaking in Gutierrez’s native Mexico, where the FIA’s Sport Conference is taking place this week.

The Californian told ESPN: “I met Gutierrez who is a good guy and talented and already at Ferrari at a high level.”

Asked specifically if Gutierrez, 23, is a candidate to race for Haas next year, Haas answered: “At this point, anything is possible.”

Haas F1 Team is entering F1 next year, in close collaboration with Ferrari. Gutierrez is a former Ferrari-powered Sauber driver who is now Ferrari’s reserve.

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss, thinks Haas could be a genuine threat in 2016, “New teams are outside the aerodynamic testing regulations so they are completely free and that gives a big advantage. Haas will come in with a big advantage in comparison to all the others.”