Pirelli not keen on free choice tyres for 2016


Pirelli has ruled out giving Formula 1 teams and drivers so called ‘free choice’ on their selection of tyre compounds for 2016.

The measure had been proposed by Force India and adopted by the Strategy Group as a central measure to spice up the spectacle of the sport.

It was also believed to have earned the approval of the teams, FOM and the FIA. But the actual situation is more complicated. It is believed, for instance, that Pirelli will expand its compound range from four to six or even more options in 2016.

Teams, therefore, will not get ‘free choice’ among that range according to a Pirelli official was quoted by Omnicorse, “No way. We are not willing to risk safety for the show. We have a few ideas that are on the table.”

“We think that teams will be able to choose their tyres among the range of what we deem as acceptable for individual tracks.”

“As just one example,” the official explained, “we are very clear: at Silverstone, Spa or Suzuka, you will never see the ‘super soft’.”

Omnicorse said the most likely scenario is that Pirelli will designate three ‘acceptable’ compounds per race, with the individual teams then able to select their preferred two.