F1 project still not part of Volkswagen future plans

Image with Audi and Volkswagen

Volkswagen has issued another denial to seemingly constant speculation it might be considering a foray in Formula 1.

VW Group brands including Audi and Porsche, already with Le Mans prototype programmes, are regularly linked with potential deliberations about a F1 project.

But Jost Capito said Volkswagen itself is happier in a series like world rally, where the cars being raced can be visually recognised by road car buyers.

He insisted “there are no talks” about a F1 project.

“It has been well-decided … to go into the world rally championship because as a volume manufacturer we believe it’s right to be in a series where the cars are recognisable, where you run the technology that you sell in the showroom,” Capito, VW motor sport director, told Sportsbusiness Daily.

“We see this kind of technology (F1) the same as sports car technology more for the premium brands,” he added.

VW is committed to world rally until at least 2019.