Arrivabene Alonso

Arrivabene does not care about Alonso’s impoliteness

Arrivabene Alonso

Amid a torrid return to McLaren, Fernando Alonso has justified his move away from Ferrari by stating he was tired of being “second forever” which in turn earned a rebuke from his former team’s new boss.

When asked about that comment, Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene said, “People can say whatever they want. I know that what he said is not polite, but I don’t care.”

Although Alonso insists he has made the right career move, his frustration came to light during the Canadian Grand Prix, when the Spaniard said he rejected a radio instruction to save fuel because it made him look like an “amateur”.

Managing director Jonathan Neale excused the outburst, “Fernando is great. He’s dynamite and if he wants to speak his mind, we’ll let him do it.”

“I do believe progress isn’t made by reasonable men, so why would I expect my drivers to be reasonable?”

Some, however, think Alonso’s notorious character might now begin to increasingly emerge in 2015, as his patience for the faltering project runs out.

Watch this space…